Terms and Conditions

We categerise between groups of up to 10 people, groups from 11 to 24 people and groups of 25 people and more. We differentiate between confirmed bookings and optioned bookings and also between offers and confirmations. 4 Reservations can be taken for different rooms depending on the number of guests and the booking situation:
• Schankraum (Tables for max. 10 people),
• Wilhelm Busch Saal (Max. 100 People),
• Bel Etage (max. 60 people)
• Library (max. 20 people).
We will allocate the suitable room.


We will keep a table for no more than 20 minutes after the booked time. Please let us know if there are any changes in the time of booking or the number of people. You can reach us on the phone +49 30 695 15 911. If we do not answer the phone please leave a message. We will check the answering machine regularly. We will try to fulfil your wishes and hold already existing bookings. If there are more people coming than are pre-booked or if the time of the booking changes, we take the liberty of cancelling or rescheduling the booking. Once the booking is put into our calendar it is a fixed booking and does not need any further written communication. In case of short term cancellation or no- show we will have no choice but to demand payment for reimbursement.

Booking for a Group

You can make a booking for a group in the following ways:
When we get your booking request we will check if the requested date and time is possible and if so it will be written into our calendar. We can also make an optional booking .
An optional booking can be held for a maximum of 14 days and can be prolonged on personal request. If we do receive another reservation request for the same date we will get back to you and may have to cancel your optioned booking.
For groups of 25 or more people, or specifically requested also for smaller groups we will write an offer which will be communicated via email until fully confirmed.
From the day of making the offer it will be valid for max. 14 days.
An offer includes the following details: -Name of the person making the booking, number of guests, date and time for the visit as well as the chosen room in Max and Moritz.
Contact details, name of the person responsible that evening, time-plan of the evening (time of arrival, opening time of the buffet and maybe approximate time of leaving) The opening time of the buffet is usually after the first round of drinks.
The offer of food choice includes the price per person. (The food will be chosen when making the arrangements. For groups of 25 people and more you can choose from the variety of different buffets. You can also choose a 1-,2- or 3-course Menu served buffet style.
A drink menu with prices will be available. You will be charged for each and every drink consumed with no standing charges. You also have the choice of setting a budget price with a limit.

For group reservation under 25 people the following applies

The choice of menu has to be chosen beforehand. You decide if you would like to choose from our group menu or if we serve an especially chosen menu.
Everything that has been chosen beforehand is going to help our team in the kitchen with the preparation.
3 days notice by phone or by email of selection of meals from our group menu is preferred.
If you prefer to discuss a particular menu that you can choose from a la carte on the evening, we will make you an offer as mentioned above.
Our Team in the kitchen will always try to have the food ready as fast as possible. If for some reason there might be a longer waiting time we will let you know.
We will do our best to accommodate your wishes regarding food and beverages.
For logistic reasons we will serve chosen menus for groups of about 25 people as buffet style.

Further arrangements

We charge an additional fee for tablecloths, depending on the number of participants, of € 95.00 / € 120.00 for preparation and final cleaning of the Bel Etage / Wilhelm Busch Hall. The use of the in-house technology (TK) costs € 25.00 per device. plus VAT (microphone and projector). The installation of a mirror ball in the ballroom costs € 120.00 plus VAT. Gema costs are borne by the customer. The creation of the seating arrangement, table arrangement, an individual menu card and buffet signage (language: German or foreign language), the insertion of a company logo on our menu cards, the booking of our in-house DJ or connection of mobile playback devices to our existing sound system (by arrangement and using your adapter possible), the attachment of table decorations and flowers ... All the extras mentioned above may incur costs. We advise you individually. Cables, extension leads and Screen we will supply free of charge. WE domnot charge room rent.


We do not accept card payment. The payment has to be settled by cash or by Bank -Transfer. The method of payment has to be agreed upon at the onset of proceedings If you would like to settle the bill via bank transfer we will need your correct invoice details. On the evening of the booking you will receive a printout from the register for cash payment and as the basic document to write an invoice for bank transfer. Foreign bank fees are to be paid by the customer. For bills of over 250 EUR you will receive a receipt to legitimize the transaction. All prices include 19% VAT respectively 7% VAT for food.

Definite number of guests

7 Werktage vor dem Event ist die von Ihnen bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt übermittelte Teilnehmerzahl rechnungsbindend.
Ab dem Moment der Buchungsbestätigung gelten folgende Stornobedingungen und Fristenregelungen:
Bis zu 4 Wochen vor dem Event kostenfrei, bis zu 2 Wochen vor dem Event 50% und 1 Woche vor dem Event 100% des anzunehmenden Speisenpreises basierend auf der zu dem Zeitpunkt angegebenen Teilnehmerzahl, zzgl. einer Aufwandsentschädigung für geleistete Vorbereitung in Höhe von 1,00 € pro Person.
Wir akzeptieren nur per E-Mail übermittelte Stornierungen.
Anzahlungen sind jederzeit vor dem Event gegen Rechnungslegung möglich. In der Regel beträgt die Höhe des anzuzahlenden Betrages 50% des anzunehmenden Speisenpreises.
Gerne vereinbaren wir einen Ortstermin zur Besichtigung unserer Räume und zur Besprechung unserer Rahmenbedingungen. Auch in Verbindung mit einer Wein- oder Bierprobe möglich.
Wir geben kein Leitungswasser als Tafelwasser aus.
Das Mitbringen von Fremdspeisen und – Getränken ist grundsätzlich untersagt. Ausnahmen bedürfen einer schriftlichen Vereinbarung. In solchen Fällen berechnen wir eine Servicegebühr bzw. Korkgeld.
Die Erfassung der Kundendaten erfolgt automatisch und unterliegt dem Datenschutz.