Terms and Conditions


We distinguish between groups of up to 10 people, groups from 11 to 24 people and groups of 25 people and more. We distinguish between confirmed bookings and optioned bookings and also between offers and confirmations. 4 Reservations can be taken for different rooms depending on the number of guests and the booking situation:
• Schankraum (Tables for max. 10 people),
• Wilhelm Busch Saal (Max. 112 People),
• Bel Etage (max. 56 people)
• Library (max. 20 people).
We will allocate the suitable room. We reserve the right to choose the table or room. We always try to fulfill the wishes of our guests.

The following applies to all reservations:

We do not allow political events. We also do not allow public events with an undefined number of guests. If, contrary to expectations, more guests arrive for a booked and confirmed event than the maximum capacity of our rooms allows (or agreed in advance), we reserve our domiciliary rights and exercise our right to prohibit entry to our rooms and, in the event of non-compliance, to cancel events and expel them from our rooms.

Table reservations

We hold table reservations for a maximum of 20 minutes. Please inform us immediately of any changes. We can be reached by telephone on 030 695 15 911. If we are unable to answer the phone immediately, please leave a message on our answering machine. We always listen to it promptly. The calendar entry of table and group reservations from 11 to 24 persons is considered a confirmed reservation and does not require a written form for legitimization. The complete and timely appearance of a group at the agreed time is a prerequisite. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation if more guests arrive than are registered for a table reservation or if they arrive at a different time than agreed in advance. We reserve the right to take recourse in the event of last-minute cancelations or no-shows.

Group reservations

Group reservations are possible as follows:
When you make a request by telephone or in writing, we will first and foremost check whether the date you require is available. Appointments are allocated by means of a calendar entry. If an appointment is available, it can be optionally entered in the calendar.
An optional reservation is valid for a maximum of 14 days after entry in the calendar. The option can be extended by arrangement. In the event of a further request for the date, we will consult you immediately and reserve the right to cancel the option if necessary.
For groups with 25 or more participants or, on request, for groups of up to 24 people, we will prepare a written booking offer. Groups with more than 25 participants are served buffet style with at least two courses, groups with max. 24 persons see group reservation for less than 25 persons.

An offer prepared by us on the basis of your complete details includes the following points:
* Names of the person and group making the booking.
* The number of participants.
* Date and time of the planned visit.
* Location within the Wirtshaus Max und Moritz (taproom, Wilhelm Busch Saal, Bel Etage or library).
* Contact information: Telephone number/s and e-mail address.
* Contact person on the evening of the reservation
* Program schedule with time of arrival and possibly planned departure. Further program arrangements possible
* Beverage offer with prices. We charge for the exact consumption. Opened bottles will be charged in full.
*Water bottles and glasses can be covered.
* A budget set in advance can be monitored by us. * Time of buffet opening: The buffet usually opens after the first drink has been served to all guests, or by arrangement.
* Food offer with price per person. The choice of food is agreed in advance
* Language of the individual menu card: German, English or another foreign language
* Invoice: see below "Payment modalities"

Buffet dismantling at around 22:30-23:00, or at another time by arrangement with the organizer. Depending on the á la carte business, we would like to point out that we ask for the last orders approx. 1 hour after the kitchen closes (kitchen closes approx. 11 pm), so that the event ends at 1:00 am when you leave the restaurant.

Group reservations for less than 25 people

The choice of dishes is agreed in advance. You decide whether you want to choose from our à la carte menu (without Wiener Schnitzel) or whether we serve a menu agreed with you in advance.
All orders submitted in advance make it easier for our kitchen team to prepare for all guests. If you have the option of pre-selecting from our à la carte menu (without Wiener Schnitzel) and sending us your chosen dishes, please let us know by telephone or in writing up to 3 working days before the reservation date.
It is also possible to create an individual menu card with selected dishes for à la carte selection on the evening of the reservation. The preparation of an offer takes place as described above.
Our kitchen team always endeavors to prepare the dishes as quickly as possible. Any waiting times will always be communicated. An individual meal offer is based on the wishes and budget of the group. For logistical reasons, we reserve the right to serve menu options as a buffet for groups of approx. 25 participants.
We reserve the right of recourse in the event of last-minute cancelations or no-shows.

Group menu

We have developed a group menue for groups without the possibility of pre-selection.
What is our group card?
Our group menu is a summary of our entire standard meal program on one page, in German or English, and is issued to each participant.
Our group menu does not contain any quick-fried dishes: Wiener Schnitzel and plaice.
Dessert is not shown on the group menu for logistical reasons.
Our service staff will be happy to advise you.

Payment modalities

We do not accept EC or credit card payments.
All prices quoted include 19% VAT for food and drinks.
Payment is made either in cash or against invoice and bank transfer, the method of payment is agreed in advance.
When invoicing with the request for bank transfer, we require your correctly named invoice address and, if necessary for your internal processing, cost center data.
We request that all invoice-relevant information be provided in advance.
In the case of foreign bank transfers, the customer is responsible for any fees incurred.
On the evening of the event, a hospitality receipt will be issued in duplicate. The receipt that remains with us is the basis for invoicing.
This receipt must include the name, company, e-mail address (if applicable) and signature.
We reserve the right to increase our prices appropriately if cost increases occur after conclusion of the contract due to market price increases and will inform you of this in good time.
A tip can be added to the invoice if necessary.
Advance payments can be made at any time before the event against invoice. As a rule, the amount to be paid is 50% of the food price to be accepted.

Further arrangements and additional costs

We charge a service charge of 1,00€ pp.
We charge additional costs for tablecloths, depending on the number of participants, amounting to €100.00/150.00 for preparation and final cleaning of the Bel Etage/Wilhelm Busch Saal.
The use of our in-house technology (TK) costs €25.00 per device plus VAT (microphone and projector).
Gema costs are borne by the customer.
The creation of seating arrangements, table arrangements, an individual menu card and buffet signage (language: German or foreign language), the insertion of a company logo on our menu cards, the booking of our in-house DJs or connection of mobile playback devices to our existing sound system (possible by arrangement and using their adapters), the attachment of table decorations and flowers....All of the above extras may incur costs. We will advise you individually.
We provide cables and multiple sockets, a tripod table and screen, including a mobile screen, free of charge.
We do not charge a room hire fee.
We do not serve tap water as table water.
It is strictly forbidden to bring in outside food and drinks. Exceptions require a written agreement. In such cases, we will charge a service fee or corkage fee.

Booking confirmation / Binding number of participants (applies to buffet groups)

Once the booking has been confirmed, the number of participants submitted is binding, i.e. it is no longer possible to minimize the number of participants, but more people are possible by arrangement.
We ask for a signature and, if necessary, a stamp (or a certificate of assumption of costs) on the booking confirmation.
From the moment the booking is confirmed, the following cancellation conditions and deadlines apply:
Up to 4 weeks before the event free of charge,
up to 2 weeks before the event 50%
and 1 week before the event 100% of the food price to be accepted, based on the number of participants stated at the time, plus an expense allowance for preparation work done of €1.00 per person.
We will only accept cancelations sent by e-mail.
We would be happy to arrange an appointment to view our rooms and discuss our general conditions.
Also possible in combination with a wine or beer tasting.
Customer data is recorded automatically and is subject to data protection.